Flywheel Resurfacing

Flywheel Resurfacing / Flywheel Grinding in Las Vegas, NV

You likely don't think about your flywheel much.  But when it is time to service your clutch remember to always have your flywheel resurfaced. You can count on P&O Brake in Las Vegas, NV to get you taken care of right!

What Are Signs of Flywheel Wear and Tear?

How do you know that a flywheel needs resurfacing? Certain signs like vibrations from the clutch pedal, a burning smell, or slipping and dragging from the clutch pedal can indicate your clutch disc is in trouble and needs servicing.

How Can Professionals Resurface Your Flywheel?

First, our professionals at P&O Brake will examine your flywheel to see what type of flywheel you have. We can quote you a price for resurfacing the flywheel, grinding the flywheel will encourage it to have minimal noise and a smooth engagement while releasing the clutch pedal.

How Does a Flywheel Benefit From a Resurfacing?

A resurfaced flywheel can, of course, get back to its original functions as part of your vehicle. A resurfacing allows the flywheel to become efficient again. However, this flywheel repair also helps extend clutch life and provides better driving quality.

Why Choose P&O Brake?

We use the latest technology and have many years of experience in flywheel resurfacing, which allows us to provide the best turnaround times on resurfaced flywheels possible.

Call Us to Discuss Flywheel Resurfacing?

Please call us at (702) 384-2530 or use our online form to get in touch. We are happy to discuss specific concerns or questions you have.