Drilled and/or Slotted Rotor Resurfacing for Las Vegas, NV, Cars

Slotted and/or drilled brake rotors are a vital component of the brake system in many high-performance cars, allowing the brake pads to out gas when necessary.  The slotted and/or drilled brake rotors on your car should be resurfaced when the brake pads are replaced. For superior slotted brake rotor resurfacing, come into P&O Brake of Las Vegas, NV.

P&O Brake continues to be Las Vegas’ top stop for brake parts and related services. We are locally owned and operated, and we are dedicated to providing superior service with all your brake part needs. At our location just north of the Green Valley area, we serve brake needs in Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump, across the country, and even internationally.

Our Slotted and/or Drilled Brake Rotor Resurfacing Services

High-performance cars — such as those used for track racing — require slotted rotors as a part of their braking system in order to manage heat dissipation and allow the pad to maintain surface contact while outgassing.

Like all brake rotors, slotted and/or drilled rotor resurfacing is essential when changing the brake pads. As you use the brakes, the brake pads will naturally wear grooves into the rotors. Resurfacing removes these grooves and is essential for a smooth and parallel brake surface.

Drilled and/or slotted rotor resurfacing must be done by a professional hand, and at P&O Brake, we have the experience to resurface your slotted brake rotors. Contact us with any questions you have, or call (702) 384-2530 to speak to one of our brake experts.